Cononavirus Update

? Coronavirus contact reduction procedure ?

Sorry (again) for another Coronavirus post. We are remaining open as we are in the transport sector, to keep everyone moving.

This is to inform our customers we are carrying out a procedure to reduce the risk of contact spread of infection, to yourselves and our staff so we can keep safe and operational.

  • Upon arrival we will meet you in the car park with our job card to discuss your booking, we will then take your key in an anti-bac wipe to cleanse straight away.
  • When the Technican goes to your vehicle to bring into the workshop, all contact areas will be anti-bac’d again with a fresh pair of disposable gloves on.
  • Once the car is complete we would prefer card payment over the phone to reduce physical contact in our reception area. No cash is being accepted at present.
  • Upon collection we will meet you outside with your key, your invoice and other paperwork will be on the passenger seat. Not forgetting your free 1l screenwash for our Birthday this month!
  • We also have an outside hours drop off and collection procedure, please call us for this procedure.

For bookings it would be preferred to book by phone or on our website, rather than visiting reception.

Thank you all for your understanding in these very strange times!

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