A couple of BMW i3s recently visiting the workshop

First i3 was dropped off to us as the car would not charge displaying a fault when charging, with only 1 mile remaining they were glad to make it to us.

Upon investigation we found the faults stored showed no air conditioning gas pressure along with high voltage charging faults. The importance of the air con system working on electric and hybrid vehicles as it not only cools the cabin, it is also plumbed in to cool the high voltage battery packs. So without the air con working, the vehicle will not charge to prevent possible overheating of the battery.

With no air con gas present in the system. We carried out a nitrogen gas test to locate the leak from the condenser at the front. With the condenser replaced and air con system re-gassed with the newer 1234yf gas, all faults were cleared. The vehicle then left to charge overnight to full correctly. Road tested and returned to the customer

Second i3 was much more straight forward. Full service as this version had the range extender (or an engine if you don’t like stupid bmw terminology).

Engine oil, pollen filter, air filter and spark plugs replaced, with a brake fluid change.

Service history updated on the BMW Database then uploaded on to the iDrive, same as the dealerships! Job done

All our Technicians are IMI Level 4 Hybrid & Electric Vehicle trained & qualified so you can be sure your vehicle is in safe and capable hands. You’ll be shocked by what we can do. More information about how we can help with your electric and hybrid cars.

Forte – Air Con Power Clean Bacterial and Odour removal machine

Forte – Air Con Power Clean Bacterial and Odour removal machine
This little machine is a great aid this time of year to remove the bacteria and odours sitting within your cars heating system, along with the complete cabin.

The cleaning machine is placed inside your cars footwell, heating system set to medium warmth and fan speed, closed recirculate loop for 15 minutes. This allows the anti-bacterial vapour from the machine to be sucked up the lower vents into the heating system, then blown out the front vents to cleanse the cabin.

This time of year with the air conditioning in use, the damp air con evaporator can have bacteria build up when the car is parked. Then blown into your face over and over when the car is driven… nice! Which is why we are offering the Forte – Air Con Power Clean Procedure at a special offer price of only £28.00 inc vat, until the end of August. (Normally £39 inc vat).

You’re welcome to have this treatment separately or add on to an existing booking with us over the summer! Also – if your air conditioning system is not blowing cold, we can investigate the cause and carry out Regassing where necessary. For more information please visit our Air conditioning cleaning page

See it in action on our facebook page

Keep safe this Summer – Burch Motor Works

Reopening on Monday 18th of May

We are pleased to say our workshop is reopening on Monday 18th of May

We are still carrying out the contactless procedure to reduce the risk of contact spread of infection, to yourselves and our staff so we can keep safe and operational. Our reception remains closed, with bookings only possible via the phone(01425 277800), email, facebook or the booking tool on our website.

No waiting appointments can be provided at present as reception is closed, and loan cars are currently unavailable for virus spread prevention until further notice.

Some of our parts suppliers are down on staff, along with all BMW/ Mini dealerships partly closed meaning repairs can take longer if required, please allow for this possible eventuality. (Pre-booked tasks will already have the parts in stock ready for fitment).

Please see our contactless drop off and collection procedure below;

  • Upon arrival we will meet you in the car park with our job card to discuss your booking 2 metres away, we will then take your key in an anti-bac wipe to cleanse straight away.
  • When the Technican goes to your vehicle to bring into the workshop, all contact areas will be anti-bac’d wiped with a fresh pair of disposable gloves on.
  • Once the car is complete, card payment over the phone is the only payment method to reduce physical contact as our reception area is closed. No cash is being accepted at present.
  • During collection we will meet you at the workshop door with your key placed on the table outside, your invoice and other paperwork will be on the passenger seat.
  • We also have an outside hours drop off and collection procedure, please call us for this procedure.

Thank you to everyone for their patience during this time.

Burch Motor Works