Fixing water damage

The owner of this BMW X1 we’re glad they had their vehicle recovered to the right place.

The vehicle had broken down, with the RAC unable to communicate to the engine ecu (DDE), they could not go any further.
Once on site, we investigated to find no communication to the engine ecu also. We accessed the engine control box on the rear left of the engine bay to find previous water ingress into the box. Once the power supply, earth and can communication wires were checked, present and correct. It was obvious the water ingress has damaged the engine ecu.

If this vehicle went to a dealership it would be a new unit only at £1500 for an ecu, plus their excessive labour costs. Fortunately here at Burch Motor Works we have specialist equipment to allow us to fit/ program used ecus to most BMWs & Minis, which is difficult to get around the immobiliser functions BMW have added to prevent this repair being carried out. Of course this gives a great saving. Which made this whole repair less than a quarter of the price of a new one… get in! A hole has now been added to the bottom of the ecu box to prevent the fault reoccurring.

The cause of this fault is blocked water drains from leaves around the windscreen scuttle. If your vehicle is regularly serviced with us all drains are cleaned during the service to prevent these issues from occurring

  • Right Diagnosis
  • Right Repair
  • Right Price
  • Right back on the Road

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