Vehicle Servicing is Important

Here at Burch Motor Works our regular customers are very good and have their vehicles serviced regularly at the correct intervals, based on mileage or time.

However we do have a few vehicles recovered to us from time to time with large engine failures, timing chains, turbos, worn shell bearings, carbon/ sludge build up to name a few. The thing they usually have in common is the service indicator is miles overdue when we check it. There really is no excuse, the services intervals are normally 12-20,000 miles which is a long time between oil changes, with a big warning when you start the vehicle

Please remember, to look after your vehicle and engines health, please service at the correct intervals to save yourself on a potential large engine failure and keep your vehicle safe. Along with keeping a higher value if you decide to sell the vehicle is future!

We are still open

We are still open as normal being an essential service and MOT Station. Listed in the picture below from the latest Gov National Lockdown guide.

We are still carrying out our contactless service with payment by card over the phone the preferred method of payment to reduce contact and time in our reception. Masks are to be worn in reception.

If you’d prefer to carry out all interactions outside just let us know and we can carry that out.

If you have any further questions please get in touch. We are currently booking approx 5 weeks in advance, of course taking on extra breakdowns where possible.

Thank you for your patience