Mini Countryman ECU/ DME Replacement

We hope everyone had a great Christmas & looking forward to the New Year celebrations!

Recently in the workshop with us was this Mini Countryman petrol with the N16 engine.

It had a misfire on Cylinder 2, causing rough running, lack of power & the engine warning light on. The ignition coil & spark plugs had already been replaced by a third party, but the misfire fault was still present. It was suspected the ignition coil had caused a short circuit, damaging the driver inside the Engine ECU/ DME.

With the car in the workshop we scanned the car for fault codes to find Cylinder 2 misfire & ignition circuit monitoring. Proving the description provided to us is correct. Using an oscilloscope we then checked a good ignition wave form on Cylinder 1. As you can see the control signal is at 12 volts. The ECU then pulls the signal to ground for a few milliseconds which charges the ignition coil. Before then releasing the ground providing necessary high voltage to the spark plug.

However as expected, on the Cylinder 2 scope pattern, it is at a constant 12 volts where the driver has been damaged.

Now we have confirmed the fault, the ECU/ DME requires replacement.

A new unit from BMW/ MINI is well over a thousand pounds making a fairly costly repair. Fortunately this Mini was brought to us as we have the specialist equipment tools for us to be able to transfer/ clone the data from the original ECU over to a used donor unit.

With this carried out & all faults cleared. The car now runs and drives as it should – meaning the owner saved over a thousand pounds on the total repair cost.

The total ethos of our business is to save owners money on the maintenance & repair of their vehicles where possible. We thank all that have visited us during 2021 and look forward to looking after your vehicles again in 2022 & beyond

We are now closed for Christmas & New Year

Once again we would like to take the opportunity to thank all of our loyal customers for their custom & support during 2021. The great feedback, and gifts we received during the year is very humbling to us all here, and appreciated so much!
We hope you all have a happy, healthy and trouble free motoring during 2022 ☺️
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Vehicle Technican shortage by 2030

This video on BBC News from The IMI is to highlight the shortage of vehicle technicians currently today and in future years. Importantly a large majority of current technicians are not EV – electric vehicle trained or qualified to work safely on this newer technology.

It’s not fully certain why the motor trade is not an attractive place to the younger generation of today, possibly as manual labour is not promoted in schools, who knows?

Though post brexit and covid Britain seems to be short staffed in every sector at the moment. Fortunately here at Burch Motor Works all our technicians are trained and qualified to IMI Level 4 to work electric vehicle live systems safely.

Along with apprentices and new recruits coming through to fill the shortage in our industry. More about our new guys in the New Year

Thanks for reading & watching.