BMW & MINI FRM – Footwell Module Repair

If your BMW or MINI is suffering from the windows and indicators no longer working. Exterior lights permanently on with red car on ramp symbol on the dashboard when you start the car.

Chances are the eeprom software inside your FRM has become damaged. This can happen during jump starting the vehicle. After battery reconnection. Or connecting to diagnostic equipment.

The dealerships state the FRM unit is then unserviceable and replacement only. A new unit is around £450-600 depending on version, plus fitting & programming to the car!

Fortunately here at Burch Motor Works we have specialist equipment to repair the eeprom in your original FRM unit. Saving the need for a replacement meaning the cost for the complete repair is £72.00 inc vat when installed in the car, that’s more like it!

We repair around 3-4 of these a week as it is a common problem.

So if you’re being told your FRM – Footwell Module requires replacement, please get in touch to see if we can help!

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