BMW i3 First Service

Another marmite BMW i3 in the workshop for its First Vehicle Check and Pollen Filter replacement Service as it is 2 years old. No range extender (engine) fitted to this model.

Serviced using Genuine BMW Parts & uploading service history to the BMW Database to maintain the manufacturers warranty.

If you are covering little mileage around town, the relatively short range to a charge won’t be much of a problem.

The instant torque from the electric motor is quite addictive under acceleration and the quietness when setting off rather than starting a rattling Diesel engine is extremely pleasant.

Servicing costs are also lower without the fluid & filter replacements. So if you we’re thinking of buying an electric car with the increasing fuel costs, now may be the right time!

We’re all Level 4 Hybrid & EV trained & qualified here at Burch Motor Works so you can be rest assured your electric car is in the right hands!

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