Christmas & New Year Opening Times

Thank you again to all our fantastic loyal customers for their business and support in this strange 2020 year!

  • Closed week of 21st of December for Christmas
  • Open 29th, 30th and 31st December.
  • Closed for New year.
  • Open Monday 4th January for 2021

Please note we are now booking towards the end of January. Of course we will help where we can with extra breakdowns.

To all our fantastic customers. Have a great Christmas & New Year!


We are still open – only a few spaces remaining in December!

Following a few enquires since the lockdown announcement on Saturday.

We are still open as normal being an essential service and MOT Station. We are still carrying out our contactless service with payment by card over the phone the preferred method of payment to reduce contact and time in our reception. Masks are to be worn in reception. If you’d prefer to carry out all interactions outside just let us know and we can carry that out.

If you have any further questions please get in touch. We only have a few spaces remaining in December before Christmas to book in. Contact us or use our online calendar to book your car in or ask any questions you may have

Fixing water damage

The owner of this BMW X1 we’re glad they had their vehicle recovered to the right place.

The vehicle had broken down, with the RAC unable to communicate to the engine ecu (DDE), they could not go any further.
Once on site, we investigated to find no communication to the engine ecu also. We accessed the engine control box on the rear left of the engine bay to find previous water ingress into the box. Once the power supply, earth and can communication wires were checked, present and correct. It was obvious the water ingress has damaged the engine ecu.

If this vehicle went to a dealership it would be a new unit only at £1500 for an ecu, plus their excessive labour costs. Fortunately here at Burch Motor Works we have specialist equipment to allow us to fit/ program used ecus to most BMWs & Minis, which is difficult to get around the immobiliser functions BMW have added to prevent this repair being carried out. Of course this gives a great saving. Which made this whole repair less than a quarter of the price of a new one… get in! A hole has now been added to the bottom of the ecu box to prevent the fault reoccurring.

The cause of this fault is blocked water drains from leaves around the windscreen scuttle. If your vehicle is regularly serviced with us all drains are cleaned during the service to prevent these issues from occurring

  • Right Diagnosis
  • Right Repair
  • Right Price
  • Right back on the Road

Learn more about our Fault Investigation service

MOT 6 Month Extension is ending on the 1st of August 2020

Just a reminder the 6 Month MOT extension for COVID-19 from the 1st of April 2020 is now ending on the 1st of August 2020. Meaning you will need to have your vehicle mot’d as normal before it’s expiry date.

However with the many people that isolated and garages shut mainly in April & May. A lot of vehicles are now coming up for their MOT. We are expecting nearly twice the normal amount of MOTs due in October and November.

If you would prefer your MOT with us it is advised to book in as early as possible to avoid missing out. We look forward to inspecting your vehicles soon

Used Control Unit Replacement and Brand Knowledge = Money Saving

This customers Mini came to us with a few strange faults after being parked up for a while over the lockdown. Both front windows not working, electric steering lock not working and various lights on the dash.

After plugging the vehicle into our Mini diag computer it was clear to see bizarrely we had separate faults for each item. Faults stored for both front window relays, so we thought we’d start here first to check/ fix the windows. After following steps, it located us to an internal fault with the relays within the FRM control unit. This unit controls the windows, lights and mirror functions. We removed to unit, removed outer cover to find a bit of moisture/ corrosion on the circuit board (suspect where it has been stood for a while). Carefully cleaned the board and refitted, hey-presto the front windows are now operational again. Sorted the first problem.

On to the electric steering lock not operating. When removing the key it should lock the steering, a clicking noise can be heard when operating, but nothing at the moment. Faults were stored for the CAS – steering lock road speed signal. Again following steps and with previous experience of this fault we saved a heap of time (and money). A known fault is a corroded wire under the battery tray between the CAS unit which is the vehicle immobiliser to the DSC/ ABS unit. The importance of this wire is providing a road speed signal to the CAS and steering lock. You don’t want the steering lock coming on whilst you’re driving along really!!

So we stripped the loom to find the corroded wire as suspected, repaired the damaged section. Refitted all parts and tested. Electric steering lock is now working again, great



However we still had warning lights on the dash and a CAS control unit – internal fault remaining, that would not clear. We suspect the corroded wires have short circuited the CAS unit. Only option is to replace the unit, unfortunately a new one from BMW/ Mini is £350, ouch! These units are special order from Germany only as they are made specific to each vehicle as it has the relevant immobiliser/ security information inside them from BMW/ Mini.

However we have various specialist tools and software at our disposal here. So we were able to purchase a used CAS unit for £15 (that’s more like it). Wipe the stored info off the purchased used unit, transfer the info from the old unit on our purchased used unit.
Fitted the used CAS unit on to the car. Cleared all the faults. No warning lights now present and car is returned working correctly

It must also be said the customer of this vehicle was extremely patient and grateful of us repairing the vehicle this way. Always nice to be appreciated. We are looking forward to seeing it again for regular MOTs and servicing

If you want your BMW & Mini repairing correctly at the fraction of the cost of the dealership. Give us a call on 01425 277800
(Sorry for the poor quality photos, we’re better at fixing cars than pretty pictures)

Top 5 Feedback of the week with the Good Garage Scheme

For the second time this year we have made the Top 5 Feedback of the week with the Good Garage Scheme

Once again, thank you to everyone that takes the time to leave us feedback on all our review platforms. We enjoy reading them all.

It really helps to build trust with existing and potential customers. We can’t thank you enough. Happy motoring and we’ll see you soon!

To find out more visit Good Garage Scheme

Open again!

We have now re-opened our reception with a screen on the front desk.

We are only allowing one customer in reception at a time, unless it is raining please stand just inside the door.
If customers prefer not to enter reception or use the card machine pad, we can still meet outside the front door and take card payments over the phone. We will be anti-bac wiping the card machine and sides after each customer visit.

There are still no waiting appointments or loan vehicles at present. Thank you for your understanding.