Forte – Air Con Power Clean Bacterial and Odour removal machine

Forte – Air Con Power Clean Bacterial and Odour removal machine
This little machine is a great aid this time of year to remove the bacteria and odours sitting within your cars heating system, along with the complete cabin.

The cleaning machine is placed inside your cars footwell, heating system set to medium warmth and fan speed, closed recirculate loop for 15 minutes. This allows the anti-bacterial vapour from the machine to be sucked up the lower vents into the heating system, then blown out the front vents to cleanse the cabin.

This time of year with the air conditioning in use, the damp air con evaporator can have bacteria build up when the car is parked. Then blown into your face over and over when the car is driven… nice! Which is why we are offering the Forte – Air Con Power Clean Procedure at a special offer price of only £28.00 inc vat, until the end of August. (Normally £39 inc vat).

You’re welcome to have this treatment separately or add on to an existing booking with us over the summer! Also – if your air conditioning system is not blowing cold, we can investigate the cause and carry out Regassing where necessary. For more information please visit our Air conditioning cleaning page

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Keep safe this Summer – Burch Motor Works