Cononavirus Update: Garage opening and MOT update

We are still currently open and operating our contactless service, as per our last post and on our website. This is working well to keep us operational and as safe as possible.

  • Our reception is closed, no waiting appointments or loan cars are permitted at present.
  • Some of our parts suppliers are down on staff meaning repairs can take longer if required. Along with all BMW dealerships closing, and the local Hendy group. So we will not be able to obtain parts from these at present.
  • The government have just given a 6 month extension to light vehicles with an MOT after the 30th of March. This is to allow vehicle owners in full isolation or do not want to risk contact the flexibility to carry out test further down the line in the year. However it does state you will need to make sure the vehicle is roadworthy so it would be advised to carry out the MOT when it is due to make sure the vehicle is safe and legal.

We have had advice from the government/ DVSA in the pictures below.

Thank you to everyone for being sensible and understanding with the current situation. If you have any questions, please ask. Stay safe.

Cononavirus Update

? Coronavirus contact reduction procedure ?

Sorry (again) for another Coronavirus post. We are remaining open as we are in the transport sector, to keep everyone moving.

This is to inform our customers we are carrying out a procedure to reduce the risk of contact spread of infection, to yourselves and our staff so we can keep safe and operational.

  • Upon arrival we will meet you in the car park with our job card to discuss your booking, we will then take your key in an anti-bac wipe to cleanse straight away.
  • When the Technican goes to your vehicle to bring into the workshop, all contact areas will be anti-bac’d again with a fresh pair of disposable gloves on.
  • Once the car is complete we would prefer card payment over the phone to reduce physical contact in our reception area. No cash is being accepted at present.
  • Upon collection we will meet you outside with your key, your invoice and other paperwork will be on the passenger seat. Not forgetting your free 1l screenwash for our Birthday this month!
  • We also have an outside hours drop off and collection procedure, please call us for this procedure.

For bookings it would be preferred to book by phone or on our website, rather than visiting reception.

Thank you all for your understanding in these very strange times!

Book online by clicking this link

Coronavirus News

Sorry to add to the Coronavirus content on your across the media.

We just want to reassure our customers we are open as usual and doing our best to prevent the spread of the virus by constantly anti-bac cleaning our contact areas. Reception door handle, counter. Customers keys, car steering wheel, gear shift, and handles. We are also wearing our usual protective gloves but only one set per vehicle, then in the bin.

If customers are still concerned about contact when visiting, we have a drop off and collection procedure that allows customers to drop keys off and collect again outside of opening hours. Please call us for this procedure.

I hope this may reassure some who are partly self isolating. Not sure if the police will accept the Coronavirus as an excuse for the cars MOT being expired!

Used BMW 8 Speed Auto Transmission Replacement

A recent repair with us, BMW F10 5 Series with a very broken 8 Speed Auto Transmission. Only course of action was to send away for reconditioning or replacement. A new transmission was £12k, recon was £3k. With the age and mileage of these models getting on a bit now, the only sensible option without writing the car off was to source and replace with a used transmission.

However, with these EGS ZF 8HP Transmissions, BMW have kindly placed the Immobiliser (EWS) inside the transmission control unit. Meaning if you fit a used box to the car, it will not go into gear/ work at all. Even with genuine bmw software it will not overwrite the immobiliser code.
Which is why here at Burch Motor Works we have the genuine bmw software and various aftermarket software programs to allow us to work around these issues.

We reset the immobiliser code to a factory state using our aftermarket software, then programmed the transmission to the vehicle…. take that BMW ?
Finishing off by replacing the transmission fluid & filter pan. Road tested vehicle now driving like the ultimate driving machine again… at a fraction of the cost!

We have all the gear, and hopefully some idea to save you money on your repairs… you’re welcome ?

View our Software update and coding services 

It’s our Birthday!

5️⃣ This March it’s our Birthday, we’ve been open 5 years! 5️⃣

To say thank you to all our loyal customers and friends. Every customer receives a free iced biscuit and 1 litre of screenwash! Or pop over for a chat and receive it for free as well ?
Once again thank you to all our customers taking the business to what it is today! This offer is whilst stocks last, however with the amount we have it’ll be lasting into April!

Throwback Thursday!

It’s our Birthday in March where we have been open for 5 years. It’s flown by! We’ve got a treat for every customer and visitor in March to celebrate. Details will be revealed next week.

In the mean time here’s some photos from 6 years ago of the build to what it is today!

Thankyou to all our great loyal customers that have supported us from day one to today. We value you all very much!

Finding a strange fault

We always appreciate the feedback we receive from our customers. Thank you for taking the time from your day to review us! It makes it more worth while after finding a strange fault.

After a Mini was recovered to us with a seized alternator. This was a job to be carried out as soon as we could, as it was not booked in. The Battery was flat, we put the battery on charge for a few hours. We replaced the alternator and drive belt, then refitted the battery. Started the engine, now running fine with battery charging correctly.

However several systems were not working correctly afterwards such as dash lights, sounds and radio displaying disabled with no function. A full diagnostic test showed several control units on the K- Body Bus had no communication. A quick check of the main fuses for these systems showed all fuses are ok. We then called the customer explaining this issue. Fortunately they were honest stating this had been an intermittent fault in the past. With the fault now present, they were happy for us to investigate to locate & rectify the fault.

To start, we located the wiring diagram for the K- Body Bus with all control units listed on the bus. A quick test to see if one unit is bringing the system down is removing fuses/ power to each unit to see if the system returns on the diagnostics. Unfortunately this was unsuccessful with no change with fuses removed. The customer had mentioned the bc1/ general module control unit was suspected to be at fault in the past. With this in mind we headed to this first. Interchanged the unit with a used one we keep for testing. This made no change. With these easy tests made, we then needed to get deeper to check the K- Body bus.

After a mid update with the customer, they mentioned the fault had been intermittent and the vehicle had an aftermarket Bluetooth kit that had been removed. (Or so it should have been).
We checked the K- Body bus wire at the bc1 connector. It read 1.17 volts, which is very low as the bus should be battery voltage around 12 volts. Something was shorting to earth bringing down the voltage on the bus.

With the information from the customer, the next logical step was to check the radio where the Bluetooth kit ‘was’ fitted.
Moved radio out to find an additional wiring loom still present for the Bluetooth kit, but the unit had just been removed. We then disconnected the loom from the back of the radio wiring and BOOM, K-Body bus went back to 12 volts at the bc1 wire, as it should be. Removed the loom and refitted original wiring to radio. Refitted all parts correctly. Diagnostic check now shows communication to all units correctly with no faults. Dash lights, sounds and radio now working correctly. Fault rectified ?

We usually find with most electrical faults or battery drains, they are caused by aftermarket systems being fitted. With the help of the customer it allowed us to locate the fault faster!
It is always nice to be appreciated for our work! We’re here to help!


Recent Mini Cooper Petrol recovered to us

Symptoms of engine light on and engine cutting out at idle. Car had already been ‘quickly plugged in elsewhere’ with Camshaft Sensor faults.

Carried out short road test, engine light on with poor low idle. Vehicle diagnostic test showed no camshaft sensor faults but Vanos actuator movement on inlet & exhaust (the last place we’re close I guess ?‍♂️). If you don’t know what Vanos is and would like to know more please read this –

First step on these is to check oil is present in the engine. Near maximum on this as customer knows of the high oil consumption on these engines and tops up regularly, so that’s not the cause.

Next removed both Vanos Solenoid valves to check the strainers fitted to them for soiling, and hey presto nearly blocked solid. Restricting the oil flow to Vanos Camshaft Hubs which move from oil flow/ pressure.

Cleaned both strainers, refitted and carried out engine vanos adaptation test. Both values nearly bang in the middle, which is a good sign of healthy vanos solenoids, camshaft hubs and timing chain. Cleared all faults.

Road tested vehicle from cold to hot twice (once following day). Now driving as it should with no faults stored.
Nice simple known fault rectified within one hour of our investigation price of only £49 inc vat. With no parts needing replacement.
More times than not it’s cheaper to take your pride and joy to the people who know what they’re doing first time round! If you’re having troubles… you know who to call ?

Find out more about our fault diagnosis services


Swirl Flap Removal & on Car DPF Cleaning

This customer was glad they returned their X5 back to us for an MOT, intake swirl flap removal & DPF Forte Power Clean.

During a service a few months ago. We upload the service history from the BMW Database into the vehicles I-Drive. At the same time we always check the vehicle fault codes free of charge during the service and report to the customer if recommended attention is required.

On this occasion we noticed engine fault codes for swirl flap movement & DPF high back pressure. The Diesel N47 engine in this model is prone to the intake swirl flaps becoming stiff in movement from carbon build up or worse wearing on the shaft causing them to fall off going into the engine combustion cylinders. Causing large expensive damage writing off the engine and in some cases the vehicle!

As a result of engine fault codes stored being present. It can prevent the engine ecu from regenerating the DPF – Diesel Particulate Filter of its own accord, causing it to block over time.
So we recommended on their next visit we check/ remove the intake swirl flaps and carry out a Forte DPF Power Clean, the most cost effective method to clean/ repair your a DPF.

As you can see from the pictures, the customer was very lucky. Cylinder 2 swirl flap had fallen off completely and luckily was too large to pass the intake valves and was sat in the intake port. Cylinder 4 was ready to fall off with the other two loose!

So we removed all swirl flaps, rod & blanked the rod hole with a bung. Along with manually removing as much carbon build up as possible.
For regular maintenance we recommend the Forte Intake System Power Clean which would soften & break down this carbon build up on the engine intake manifold and valves.
Once rebuilt we carried out the Forte DPF Power Clean to bring the exhaust back pressure levels low, well within spec so it will now regenerate of its own accord once again.

So you can see the benefits of using a Specalist Garage with experience, expertise & equipment to maintain your BMW & MINI with cost effective solutions!
Please visit our website to see the services we offer. If you think we could help you, please get in touch!

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

? It’s that time of year again where we like to that all our great loyal customers for their custom & support during 2019. Thank you for all our gifts that have been given we really appreciate it!

Some of you may have met our new members of staff already this year. If not, please meet Dave (on the left) our receptionist who answers the phone & greets you when you visit. Dave has vast experience in the motor trade and is a real asset to us, we are very pleased to have him here to help you!
We also have Richard (on the right) back with us in the workshop. Richard is a great experienced, hard working technician who is the perfect fit in the business. He will be going on an NVQ Level 4 Hybrid vehicle course the end of January to keep him up to speed with the newer electric vehicles coming through. To keep looking after our customers today & in the future!
With these guys on board we are hoping to reduce our booking times and to cater to all break downs where possible.

We are now closed for the festive period & reopen on Monday 6th of January. We will respond to all enquires on our return.

We wish you all a Merry Christmas & New Year from us. Thank you for all your custom!

? Burch Motor Works