BMW & MINI FRM – Footwell Module Repair

If your BMW or MINI is suffering from the windows and indicators no longer working. Exterior lights permanently on with red car on ramp symbol on the dashboard when you start the car.

Chances are the eeprom software inside your FRM has become damaged. This can happen during jump starting the vehicle. After battery reconnection. Or connecting to diagnostic equipment.

The dealerships state the FRM unit is then unserviceable and replacement only. A new unit is around £450-600 depending on version, plus fitting & programming to the car!

Fortunately here at Burch Motor Works we have specialist equipment to repair the eeprom in your original FRM unit. Saving the need for a replacement meaning the cost for the complete repair is £72.00 inc vat when installed in the car, that’s more like it!

We repair around 3-4 of these a week as it is a common problem.

So if you’re being told your FRM – Footwell Module requires replacement, please get in touch to see if we can help!

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Mini Countryman ECU/ DME Replacement

We hope everyone had a great Christmas & looking forward to the New Year celebrations!

Recently in the workshop with us was this Mini Countryman petrol with the N16 engine.

It had a misfire on Cylinder 2, causing rough running, lack of power & the engine warning light on. The ignition coil & spark plugs had already been replaced by a third party, but the misfire fault was still present. It was suspected the ignition coil had caused a short circuit, damaging the driver inside the Engine ECU/ DME.

With the car in the workshop we scanned the car for fault codes to find Cylinder 2 misfire & ignition circuit monitoring. Proving the description provided to us is correct. Using an oscilloscope we then checked a good ignition wave form on Cylinder 1. As you can see the control signal is at 12 volts. The ECU then pulls the signal to ground for a few milliseconds which charges the ignition coil. Before then releasing the ground providing necessary high voltage to the spark plug.

However as expected, on the Cylinder 2 scope pattern, it is at a constant 12 volts where the driver has been damaged.

Now we have confirmed the fault, the ECU/ DME requires replacement.

A new unit from BMW/ MINI is well over a thousand pounds making a fairly costly repair. Fortunately this Mini was brought to us as we have the specialist equipment tools for us to be able to transfer/ clone the data from the original ECU over to a used donor unit.

With this carried out & all faults cleared. The car now runs and drives as it should – meaning the owner saved over a thousand pounds on the total repair cost.

The total ethos of our business is to save owners money on the maintenance & repair of their vehicles where possible. We thank all that have visited us during 2021 and look forward to looking after your vehicles again in 2022 & beyond

BMW & MINI Remote key

If your vehicle requires a new replacement remote key. We are able to provide an aftermarket replacement. Making a saving than ordering a new key from the dealership and having to wait for it to arrive from Germany.

Programmed in house to your vehicle in one day! (BMW & Mini only – Excludes cut key blade)

Please note we are currently booking 2 months in advance at present for all work.

BMW and Mini remote key replacement


The FRM – Footwell module, fitted to various BMWs & MINIs between 2005 to 2015.

This unit controls the light and window functions on the vehicle.

A known problem with this unit is corruption of the data inside after the vehicle battery has been disconnected or connected to diagnostic equipment. Which then stops communication to the unit. The driver will notice no vehicle lighting or function of the power windows.

A few years ago the only solution was a new replacement unit at around £500, making it a costly repair.
However we have specialist software & equipment that allows us to repair the corrupted data of the original unit, saving the unit and more importantly money, at an hours labour of £72 inc vat. That’s more like it!

So if a garage has reported your FRM requires replacement, please get in touch, we will see if we can help!

BMW and Mini ECU repair

Finding a strange fault

We always appreciate the feedback we receive from our customers. Thank you for taking the time from your day to review us! It makes it more worth while after finding a strange fault.

After a Mini was recovered to us with a seized alternator. This was a job to be carried out as soon as we could, as it was not booked in. The Battery was flat, we put the battery on charge for a few hours. We replaced the alternator and drive belt, then refitted the battery. Started the engine, now running fine with battery charging correctly.

However several systems were not working correctly afterwards such as dash lights, sounds and radio displaying disabled with no function. A full diagnostic test showed several control units on the K- Body Bus had no communication. A quick check of the main fuses for these systems showed all fuses are ok. We then called the customer explaining this issue. Fortunately they were honest stating this had been an intermittent fault in the past. With the fault now present, they were happy for us to investigate to locate & rectify the fault.

To start, we located the wiring diagram for the K- Body Bus with all control units listed on the bus. A quick test to see if one unit is bringing the system down is removing fuses/ power to each unit to see if the system returns on the diagnostics. Unfortunately this was unsuccessful with no change with fuses removed. The customer had mentioned the bc1/ general module control unit was suspected to be at fault in the past. With this in mind we headed to this first. Interchanged the unit with a used one we keep for testing. This made no change. With these easy tests made, we then needed to get deeper to check the K- Body bus.

After a mid update with the customer, they mentioned the fault had been intermittent and the vehicle had an aftermarket Bluetooth kit that had been removed. (Or so it should have been).
We checked the K- Body bus wire at the bc1 connector. It read 1.17 volts, which is very low as the bus should be battery voltage around 12 volts. Something was shorting to earth bringing down the voltage on the bus.

With the information from the customer, the next logical step was to check the radio where the Bluetooth kit ‘was’ fitted.
Moved radio out to find an additional wiring loom still present for the Bluetooth kit, but the unit had just been removed. We then disconnected the loom from the back of the radio wiring and BOOM, K-Body bus went back to 12 volts at the bc1 wire, as it should be. Removed the loom and refitted original wiring to radio. Refitted all parts correctly. Diagnostic check now shows communication to all units correctly with no faults. Dash lights, sounds and radio now working correctly. Fault rectified ?

We usually find with most electrical faults or battery drains, they are caused by aftermarket systems being fitted. With the help of the customer it allowed us to locate the fault faster!
It is always nice to be appreciated for our work! We’re here to help!


Recent Mini Cooper Petrol recovered to us

Symptoms of engine light on and engine cutting out at idle. Car had already been ‘quickly plugged in elsewhere’ with Camshaft Sensor faults.

Carried out short road test, engine light on with poor low idle. Vehicle diagnostic test showed no camshaft sensor faults but Vanos actuator movement on inlet & exhaust (the last place we’re close I guess ?‍♂️). If you don’t know what Vanos is and would like to know more please read this –

First step on these is to check oil is present in the engine. Near maximum on this as customer knows of the high oil consumption on these engines and tops up regularly, so that’s not the cause.

Next removed both Vanos Solenoid valves to check the strainers fitted to them for soiling, and hey presto nearly blocked solid. Restricting the oil flow to Vanos Camshaft Hubs which move from oil flow/ pressure.

Cleaned both strainers, refitted and carried out engine vanos adaptation test. Both values nearly bang in the middle, which is a good sign of healthy vanos solenoids, camshaft hubs and timing chain. Cleared all faults.

Road tested vehicle from cold to hot twice (once following day). Now driving as it should with no faults stored.
Nice simple known fault rectified within one hour of our investigation price of only £49 inc vat. With no parts needing replacement.
More times than not it’s cheaper to take your pride and joy to the people who know what they’re doing first time round! If you’re having troubles… you know who to call ?

Find out more about our fault diagnosis services


Technician Qualifications & Training

One thing we rarely speak about until a valued customer mentioned to us….
We should brag more about our Technicians Qualifications & Training! 

Since our trade has no regulations on repairing vehicles, there can be some chancers out there!

For peace of mind, all our Technicians are trained at the BMW/ MINI Training Academy in Reading, the same as franchised dealerships, using the same up to date diagnostic equipment. They are all a minimum of Level 3 qualified in light vehicle repair, and all MOT Testers. As well as Hybrid Qualifications to see us into the future.

Most importantly we are experienced in repairing the BMW & MINI brands. Meaning we can diagnose & repair you vehicle correctly, using specialist equipment. No guess work here! Sourcing quality parts from various suppliers to keep costs down. Even fitting some used control units & programming to save our customers money!

So next time you’re stuck fixing your vehicle, please give us a call (01425 277800)!

Burch Motor Works ready for your MOTs

Here at Burch Motor Works we have invested in the latest ATL MOT Testing facility to carry out MOTs on your vehicle.

Knowing your vehicle is in the right hands is very important. Which is why we have a brand new, large reception where you can sit comfortably while you can watch your vehicle have it’s MOT carried out of you choose to. Saving the double journey of dropping and picking up the vehicle during your busy day.

Before submitting it for the test we’ll check it over – pre-warning you of any potential problem, such as tyres nearing their legal limit, even if it won’t fail the test itself. Saving you time and money – and have the reassurance that you’re safer for the road ahead.

If you would like to book an MOT with us – Please Call 01425 277800

Special offer on Air Conditioning Re-gas for summer!

Did you know your air conditioning should be serviced every year? An air conditioning service keeps your air con working efficiently by checking and topping up the refrigerant levels. This also involves cleansing the air circulation system to maintain icy cold air output. We also inject UV dye into the system at every service – so if a leak occurs, it can be easily detected with a UV light –  saving money in the long run carrying out this procedure twice!

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