BMW i3 First Service

Another marmite BMW i3 in the workshop for its First Vehicle Check and Pollen Filter replacement Service as it is 2 years old. No range extender (engine) fitted to this model.

Serviced using Genuine BMW Parts & uploading service history to the BMW Database to maintain the manufacturers warranty.

If you are covering little mileage around town, the relatively short range to a charge won’t be much of a problem.

The instant torque from the electric motor is quite addictive under acceleration and the quietness when setting off rather than starting a rattling Diesel engine is extremely pleasant.

Servicing costs are also lower without the fluid & filter replacements. So if you we’re thinking of buying an electric car with the increasing fuel costs, now may be the right time!

We’re all Level 4 Hybrid & EV trained & qualified here at Burch Motor Works so you can be rest assured your electric car is in the right hands!

Read more about electric car servicing here

Vehicle Technican shortage by 2030

This video on BBC News from The IMI is to highlight the shortage of vehicle technicians currently today and in future years. Importantly a large majority of current technicians are not EV – electric vehicle trained or qualified to work safely on this newer technology.

It’s not fully certain why the motor trade is not an attractive place to the younger generation of today, possibly as manual labour is not promoted in schools, who knows?

Though post brexit and covid Britain seems to be short staffed in every sector at the moment. Fortunately here at Burch Motor Works all our technicians are trained and qualified to IMI Level 4 to work electric vehicle live systems safely.

Along with apprentices and new recruits coming through to fill the shortage in our industry. More about our new guys in the New Year

Thanks for reading & watching.


BMW & MINI Satellite Navigation Map Updates

If your BMW or MINI has Sat Nav built in to the I-drive and is a few years out of date.
We can update this to the latest maps available.

Prices range from £62.00 to £92.00 inc vat depending on your sat nav version.

We can usually squeeze this in at short notice and carry out in one day. If your vehicle is booked in with us at some stage, you’re welcome for us to add this on so you’re all up to date

Booking in with us

Just a quick post to mention we are experiencing a high volume of bookings at present, with our bookings being approx. 2 months in advance.
Last years (stupid) MOT extension combined with amounts of large repair work is pushing our booking times backwards. We are at full capacity and apologise for the cars we’re unable to squeeze in sooner.

If you prefer to have your car mot’d, serviced or repaired with us, please book months in advance to avoid disappointment.

It goes without saying, thank you to all our great, loyal customers for their support!

Book your vehicle in online

Contact us to make a booking

Intake Valve Walnut Blast Cleaning

This very tidy Mini Cooper S with the N14 engine in with us for an intake valve & port walnut blast cleaning procedure. This is to remove the carbon build up around the intake valves that occurs over time. We recommend around every 60,000 miles for a clean. This build up occurs on direct fuel injection engines where the fuel is no longer injected inside the intake manifold which used to wash the valves to prevent this build up from occurring.

A mixture of crank case oil, egr gas on some engines then extreme heat on the valves causes this build up. The driver will notice a drop in performance and rough running, sometimes a misfire when started from cold if the build up is extreme enough to restrict the air flow into the combustion cylinder.

This procedure is the most cost affective way to remove the carbon build up. Eliminating the need to remove the cylinder head to manually clean the valves! This procedure can be carried on various BMW & MINI, Petrol & Diesel engines with direct fuel injection.

Here to help

Walnut blast cleaning

Water Damaged Engine ECU – Used Unit Replacement

We do enjoy replacing used engine control units – DME, here at Burch Motor Works. They are known to having a little bath in the box where they are located in the engine bay.

A new replacement for this ECU from BMW is £1,350 for the part alone.

The owner of this vehicle had tried other garages that are able to clone/ transfer the information from his old damaged ecu to a used donor unit. We also have the ability to do this.

However this is not always possible from the water damage making the file unreadable to transfer, as it was in this case.

Fortunately we have specialist programming equipment allowing us to transfer the ISN code, which is the immobiliser code from a used donor engine ecu to the immobiliser ecu – CAS. This needs to be done to allow the units to match for the engine to start and cannot be carried out by BMW dealer equipment.
Used engine ecu fitted and programmed, the car now starts and drives as it should! Along with drilling a hole in the bottom of the location box to prevent the same fault from reoccurring!

With the saving over £1,000 than a new ECU alone! That pleased the owner which pleases us too!
(Apologies for the poor quality screen shots)

ECU Replacement


Vehicle Servicing under warranty

A couple of high power BMW 1 Series recently in the workshop for their first services, after 2 years if the mileage has not been covered.

Using genuine bmw & mini parts to maintain the manufacturers warranty, along with updating the service history database and loading on to the I-drive

You do not have to take your car to the dealer to be serviced whilst under the manufacturers 3 year warranty, so please don’t be told otherwise! You’re free to service where you wish using genuine parts at a vat registered garage!

Please note we do book approx. 6 weeks in advance. So please book as early as possible
Thank you to everyone for their custom!

Our BMW Servicing


Good Garage Scheme – Win £500

Is your MOT due? Did you know your local Good Garage Scheme garage can help to reduce the emissions from your vehicle so it can pass the MOT test? Book online now and enter the code SUPPORT500 to enter our free prize draw to win £500


BMW M4 All round Brake pad & disc replacement

We had the pleasure of having this stunning BMW F82 in for all brakes replacement. The brakes weren’t due to be replaced but the customer didn’t like the wear and corrosion to the discs. And quite rightly so they didn’t look great.

As with all our brakes replacement we thoroughly remove the corrosion build up from the hub and wheel faces to prevent brake pad pick up causing disc warping.

Along with carrier and slider cleaning, then high temp grease to the brake pads to ensure free movement for miles to come.

We look forward to seeing this motor again in the future!
(If anyone can find the issue in one of the pictures that we needed to rectify before putting the new discs on please comment. If correct you’ll receive a virtual pat on the back!)

BMW M Model Servicing


Vehicle Servicing is Important

Here at Burch Motor Works our regular customers are very good and have their vehicles serviced regularly at the correct intervals, based on mileage or time.

However we do have a few vehicles recovered to us from time to time with large engine failures, timing chains, turbos, worn shell bearings, carbon/ sludge build up to name a few. The thing they usually have in common is the service indicator is miles overdue when we check it. There really is no excuse, the services intervals are normally 12-20,000 miles which is a long time between oil changes, with a big warning when you start the vehicle

Please remember, to look after your vehicle and engines health, please service at the correct intervals to save yourself on a potential large engine failure and keep your vehicle safe. Along with keeping a higher value if you decide to sell the vehicle is future!