Brake Disc Skimming £99.00 inc vat – per axle.

Is your brake peddle soft under braking? Do your breaks squeak or do your experience judder/vibration under braking? Our brake disc skimming service could help for £99.00 inc vat – per axle.

Brake squeaking

If you're experiencing squeaking under braking. This can be caused by a lip formed from the disc wearing down from use. This can cause the brake pad to vibrate causing a squeaking noise.

Soft brake peddle

If you’re experiencing a brake soft pedal under braking. This can be caused by uneven brake disc wear from inside to outside edge of the disc face. Causing a gap under the brake pad, which will cause it to bend under braking, creating a soft pedal.

Brake judder and vibration

If you’re experiencing judder/ vibration. This can be caused by warped discs caused by brake pad pick up. Corrosion build up on the disc face and/ on hub under disc causing excessive run out. Paint build up on wheel hub. Or poorly cleaned brake area during brakes replacement.

You may not need to replace your brake discs

All of these faults can be rectified with on vehicle brake disc skimming. This can be a cost effective method rather than brake disc replacement.
This procedure is only cost effective for larger cars with larger/ expensive discs. This is only carried out with discs sufficiently above minimum thickness & not excessively internally corroded.

Brake disc skimming procedure – £99.00 inc vat – per axle.