Software Update and Coding

Here at Burch Motor Works. We have access to Genuine BMW & Mini diagnostics, software update (also known as programming) and coding software.

Genuine BMW & Mini diagnostics

Our access to Genuine BMW & Mini diagnostics, software updates allows us to carry out software updates to BMW and Mini vehicles when they are required, same as the dealerships. If a new vehicle ecu - electronic control unit is fitted. If the new unit is purchased from BMW/ Mini. We program to unit to the vehicle to allow it to operate with the other units fitted to the vehicle.

Aftermarket programming systems

We also have aftermarket programming systems to allow us to replace very expensive larger control unit with used units instead to save our customers large sums of money! These aftermarket software systems also allow us to unlock many functions of your vehicle that BMW would have you pay lots extra for from the factory! This is known as coding. Each vehicle has a different specification of what can be coded/ unlocked. So please get it touch to see what we can offer. Please see the list below of some of the functions that can be added.

Example functions

Complete Vehicle Programming Software Update – £72.00 inc vat

Vehicle Coding Feature Unlocking – £39.00 inc vat

  • Automatic driving light sensitivity (insensitive / normal / sensitive).
  • Seat belt reminders can be activated / deactivated (for either driver or passenger).
  • TV in motion – (software only activation to allow the TV to stay on when driving).
  • Start / Stop button memory – (retains a memory of the last selected setting rather than defaulting to on).
  • Acoustic alarm chirp activation – (acoustic confirmation chirp when locking / unlocking vehicle).
  • Electric wing mirrors fold with remote central locking – Unfold / fold wing mirrors via remote key fob – Pressing and holding lock / unlock on key remote with fold / unfold mirrors (this may sound obvious but factory fitted electric folding mirrors are required).
  • USB video playback with additional codec activation – Allows playback of video via USB port on NBT head units.
  • Digital speedo activation – (Digital speed readout on instrument cluster, within board computer).
  • Basic voice recognition – Enables control over a paired mobile phone (only for vehicles with NBT or combox fitted).
  • Soft on welcome lights – Enables welcome lights to fade up when unlocking and fade down when locking.
  • Door handle puddle light LED’s powered on reverse – When selecting reverse gear, door handle puddle lights are activated to illuminate curb.
  • Remote tailgate closing – Power close the rear tailgate via remote key (only for F31 and F34 vehicles with powered tailgate).
  • Power tailgate closing – Power close the rear tailgate via cabin button (only for F31 and F34 vehicles with powered tailgate).
  • Continued use of power windows with door open – (allows one-touch windows to be used after door has been opened).
  • Instrument cluster boot logo – Change instrument cluster boot logo to ///M Performance (only for vehicles with extended display).
  • iDrive start up logo – Change iDrive boot logo to Alpina, BMW i, Rolls Royce or ///M (NBT vehicles only).
  • iDrive boot logo – Change iDrive boot logo to ///M Performance (NBT vehicles only).
  • Removes disclaimer for all cameras and PDC sensors on screen.