Transfer Case Fluid Replacement with Adaptations Reset – £89.00 inc vat

A BMW Transfer Case, or Transfer Box as some call it, are fitted to BMW 4×4 models, which they call xDrive.

What is a Transfer Case?

These are connected to the end of the transmission. To alter to drive to the front or rear axle where more or less traction is required. On most models controlled by an electric motor. Like most geared rotating systems they are fluid filled to lubricate all the complex gears, belts and levers.

An easy to miss service

BMW have a system that logs a fault on the vehicles memory at 60,000 miles that is only picked by diagnostics for the garage to advise the customer that the transfer case fluid requires replacement. This means there is no warning light on the dash to notify the customer directly of this. If the vehicle is not serviced at the dealer or specialist, this fault code can easily be missed. Known symptoms of a wearing transfer case can be juddering under acceleration, some times missed diagnosed as an engine fault. Clicking noise when pulling away, changing direction or turning on full lock.

More about our Transfer Case Fluid Service – 4×4

Tyres on BMW 4x4s make a big difference to the life span of the transfer case. Make sure premium BMW approved star rated tyres are fitted, to prevent transfer case ‘wind up’.
If cheap, non star rated tyres are fitted, this can prematurely damage the transfer case.

Which is why at Burch Motor Works we highly recommend the transfer case fluid is replaced every 60,000 miles or 6 years. To prevent premature wear, which in worse case can lead to failure of the transfer case. With repair bills being in the thousands for these components.

For only £89.00 inc vat. Burch Motor Works replaces the transfer case fluid and resets adaptations/ fault code. This is a much more cost effective option than the transfer case replacement, trust us!

Transfer Case Fluid Replacement with Adaptations Reset – £89.00 inc vat