Air Conditioning Regas Service

Does my air con need recharging? A Vehicles air conditioning needs regular maintenance to ensure that it is functioning as efficiently as possible. If it’s been a few years since you had your air conditioning recharged and you’re not sure whether it’s working as effectively as it could be, why not book your vehicle in for an air conditioning check to see if you need a recharge or fault rectification.

Recharge your air con every 3 years

Manufacturers recommend that your air con is recharged every 3 years. As your car or van air conditioner is not checked as part of your MOT test and re-gassing is not typically included in your Service, it is important to make sure that you include recharging as part of your regular vehicle maintenance routine, as the lubricating oil is replaced along with leak detection UV dye added.

More than just cold air

If your AC is blowing out warm air or only works intermittently, an AC recharge can bring back cold air when you need it most on hot days and can also improve your fuel efficiency as there is less strain on the system and engine. Air conditioning doesn’t just provide in-car comfort during the hot summer months; it can also be used in winter to demist your windscreen. Air con systems create dry warm air rather than the normal humid air from outside which can clear your windscreen much more quickly than your regular blowers.


How much is an air con recharge?

The price you pay for an air conditioning recharge depends on the type of refrigerant gas your uses. The vast majority of cars on the road in the UK use one of two types of refrigerant – R134A and R1234YF. If your air conditioning system requires R134A gas the cost to recharge is £79.00 inc vat. For vehicles that require R1234YF gas the cost is £179.00 inc vat to recharge. It is not possible to switch between gases, in fact, the port to recharge R1234YF models is different to the R134A making it impossible to refill with the incorrect gas.

How do I know which air con gas I require?

R134A gas is common in vehicles manufactured before 2012. All vehicles with air conditioning manufactured since 1st January 2017 include the new R1234YF air conditioning gas which is more environmentally friendly.

Since this date, manufacturers are no longer allowed to use the older R134A air con gas in a bid to reduce global warming as the old gas is believed to be more damaging to the environment. R1234YF gas was phased in by vehicle manufacturers over time so vehicles rolling off the production line between 2012 and 2016 could require either gas.

To find out which type of air conditioning gas, please call us and we should be able to find which gas is filled on our vehicle info look up system. Sometimes this does provide us with the info required, in which case there should be a sticker under the bonnet to show the gas filled. You should be able to find this yourself, if not please pop by and we can find this for you.

The recharge process

The recharge process involves removing any old refrigerant gas and oil from your air conditioning system before replacing this with the correct amount of new refrigerant and lubricant as per your vehicle manufacturer’s recommendation. A vacuum test is also performed for 20 minutes to ensure there are no large holes, cracks or damage in your vehicle air conditioning system that could cause the gas to leak out.

Included in the price we also add UV dye additive (non-conductive oil and dye in EV/ Hybrid vehicles) into the system. This allows us to easier detect small leaks than can occur in future. These small leaks are not always detected during the vacuum check process. Around two hours the whole recharge process is completed, and you will once again have refreshing cool air from the interior vents.

Please note, if the air conditioning system stops working/ no longer blows cold a short while after an Air conditioning Regas (weeks or months later). Fault investigation including UV dye leak detection or nitrogen pressure test process is charged at our investigation charge of £49.00 inc vat for one hour. The investigation charge is reduced depending on how long it takes us to locate the fault. If no gas is present again in the system from a small leak, the regas will have to take place again at the regas charge rate.

If you would like to discuss a fault with your air conditioning, please give us a call.

Air Conditioning Regas Service – older R134A – £79.00 inc vat
Air Conditioning Regas Service – newer R1234YF – £179.00 inc vat