Automatic Transmission Services £329.00 inc vat.

Automatic Transmission Services. 6HP – 6 speed and 8HP – 8 speed transmissions. Often overlooked as a serviceable item. Both our 6HP – 6 speed and 8HP – 8 speed Automatic Transmission Services are – £329.00 inc vat.

Don't overlook your transmission

Since BMW state the fluid in the gearbox is ‘lifetime’. Which actually in BMW language means 100,000 miles. However the manufacture of the transmission for BMW, ZF claim the fluid and filter pan should be replaced every 60,000 miles or 8 years.

Sophisticated engineering

The transmission is an extremely sophisticated piece of engineering, they are built up of a few hundred components, some of these components are designed to wear out (like clutches) through making use of them. Your driving style and proper maintenance have the biggest impact on the overall life time of these transmission components. With regular maintenance at these intervals we see these transmissions go to very high mileage very little issues, they are very reliable transmissions!

Our Automatic Transmission Services

With our Automatic Transmission Services. We drain the transmission. Remove the sump filter pan. Inspect to make sure no excessive metal particles are present to warn the customer if nessarsary. We replace any potential leaking parts such as the electrical connector guide block. Replace the sump filter pan and 7 litres of Transmission fluid. Correct the fluid level at the required transmission temperature using diagnostics. Then reset the clutch filling and learning adaptations for a smoother gear change in future.

More about our automatic transmission services

We carry out the services using aftermarket fluid and filter pans as we have found these over many years to be very cost affective for our customers and give the same functionality and reliability. Of course if our customers would prefer us to use Genuine ZF fluid & filter pans we are most than happy to do so, which would be at extra cost.

We also recommend carrying out a Programming software update to the transmission whilst carrying out a service. This will iron out any small issues BMW have noticed over the years. This update also involves updating the complete vehicle systems, such as Engine ECU, ABS, Body control, media system and so on. Which ever system has an update available.

Both our 6HP – 6 speed and 8HP – 8 speed Automatic Transmission Services are – £429.00 inc vat, using Genuine ZF fluid and filter pan kits.

Or £329.00 inc vat using Mannol aftermarket fluid and filter pan kits.

Complete Vehicle Software Update – £72.00 inc vat

All repairs come with a 12 month or 12,000 miles Warranty.