Manual Transmission or Rear Differential Fluid Services £69.00 inc vat.

Manual Transmissions and Rear Differentials like most geared rotating systems they are fluid filled to lubricate all the complex gears and levers.

Isn't it for life?

BMW/ Mini state these items are ‘filled for life’. Which is why they have no schedule when to replace the fluid in these. However from our experience we have seen premature failures or transmission and differentials from fluid wear/ overheating causing the gears to wear and damaging the components beyond repair.

The cost effective solution

The most common on BMWs is the transmissions popping out of gear. With the rear differentials whirring from excessive swarf, damaging the gears and bearings. It is much more cost effective to replace the fluid early rather than component replacement!

More about our Manual Transmission and Rear Differential Fluid Services

At Burch Motor Works we highly recommend the Manual Transmissions and Rear Differential is replaced every 60,000 miles or 6 years. To prevent premature wear. With repair bills being in the thousands for these components.

For only £69.00 inc vat. Burch Motor Works replaces the Manual Transmission Fluid or Rear Differential Fluid. This is a much more cost effective option than the component replacement, trust us!

Manual Transmission Fluid Service – £69.00 inc vat

Rear Differential Fluid Service – £69.00 inc vat